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the process

 Let’s Chart Your Path To Success

step 1

Due diligence and a plan formulated for the listing

We start by analysing the needs of your company to determine whether going public is the most viable route to take you to the next level.
step 2

Listing agreement and offering agreement is signed

Next, we set a plan for fulfilling listing requirements and agree on the price for pre-IPO funding rounds.
step 3

An IPO team is assembled by Listing Partner

We will then assemble a team of various professionals necessary in the listing process. They include lawyers, certified public accountants, Securities and Exchange Commission experts, to name a few.
step 4

Analysis conducted for investor documents

Here we study your company to present it to investors in the best light by harnessing and highlighting your company’s strength and potential.
step 5

Preparing company for the public domain

Before going public, a company needs to have its financial reporting systems setup. We step in to offer this service in case your company lacks the competence or capacity.
step 6

Prepare and file prospectus

Once all the requirements for listing are met, a prospectus is prepared and filed.
step 7

Prospectus is approved and the exchange decide first day of listing

You are one step away from listing! Once the prospectus goes through the rounds of changes, the exchange will finally approve it and decide the first day your company will be traded.
step 8

Now you’re a public company

You are now a publicly traded company! Your company is ready to reach the next level with higher credibility, marketing value and easier access to capital to fund your future growth projects! Congratulations!
Mission & Vision

We Exist To Help Companies Evolve To Their Next Level

We empower companies to access growth capital through successful listings on credited international stock exchanges
To help talented entrepreneurs build stronger companies by enabling them get publicly listed
To be the preferred partner for companies looking to get listed in Europe & North America
our advantage

Local expertise. global impact.

Our knowledge is our advantage. The expertise acquired over years by operating within the capital markets is the least of what we give to empower you. We will provide bespoke solutions around business analysis and modelling, going public transactions, financing, corporate governance, tax and audit.
We leverage decades of experience within North America and Europe to provide management consulting and advisory services to public and private companies, marketplaces (stock exchanges and private capital market places), investment banks and law firms.
Our greatest asset is the company we keep. From accounting and audit firms, regulators, exchanges, bankers, investors and more. We will connect you with the right resources in the right organization at the right time to help you achieve your goals.
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